Match fixers won big on Vic games

Match fixers won big on Vic games

Match fixers reaped huge sums from betting on a fixed Victorian Premier League game, illegal gambling monitors found.

Sportsradar monitors betting agencies to search for abnormal patterns, and found five Southern Stars games to be “highly suspicious” in 2013.

“The betting in these matches could not possibly be explained by what was occurring in general play,” a Sportsradar report to police said.

A 4-0 loss to Oakleigh Cannons was achieved when goalkeeper Joe Woolley let in two easy goals.

“He was left stranded and did not attempt a save for either of Oakleigh Cannons’ two opening goals, due to what reports indicate was poor anticipation,” Sportsradar said.

Despite being good enough to legitimately beat league leaders Northcote City 1-0, the Stars lost five of six games going into a match against Richmond on September 13.

The heavy defeats meant the Stars had long odds just to keep the game to less than two goals.

Sportsradar monitored Sporting Bet, Sportsbet, 188 Bet, SBO bet and Bet 365, and sbobet online found suspicious numbers of bets predicting the Stars would draw or lose by less than two goals.

“This result duly occurred, making all pre-match and live betting successful, ensuring huge sums of illegal betting profits were gained,” Sportsradar said.

Sportsradar’s suspicions and data were given to police in August 2013.


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