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about something so many people are talking about right now right with vaping and all the focus on that CBD oils some people call them these miracle cures for arthritis heroin withdrawal but sometimes what is on the labels isn’t actually what’s inside and the results can be toxic yeah so dr. Cass Ingram has written over 20 books on natural healing knows all the dangers of mislabeled products so good morning and thank you for reading morning yeah you know wait God made it looks like the lungs are supposed to inhale oxygen not not propylene glycol which is antifreeze and formaldehyde and nicotine and even THC which are extract Li with butane and propane so you’re getting residues of that and all those colors what do you want pina colada or do you want bubble gum or do you want cheesecake flavor I mean poison what’s the danger in your mind with that labeling specifically that way pina colada labeling it’s strawberry why you gotta know that these are you can’t you know Jam all that in there can’t be natural so you’re dealing with synthetic you’re dealing with petrochemical residues you have the propylene glycol you know that’s antifreeze that’s the big one that’s the carrier and then you put in the synthetic flavorings that’s all into our lungs he’s going in yeah you know the lungs even if you drink some water and evlla vaporizer it falls into the lungs you can get really sick sure and of course you can brown right from from Johnny but but any kind of chemical in the lungs not a good idea okay but can we talk about CBD because this is a hot topic now even with the NFL all these people saying okay we need CBD because it helps us feel better what is the difference between CBD and THC I mean yo can you elaborate well I I’m a big fan of the of crude extracts so when you take the history of hemp is using it raw not so much cooked so I talked about in the cannabis here in the hemp oil miracle how they used it in the raw and they were chewing on the leaf and the flower back in the old days thousand years ago they chew on the resin the hashish even so we’re now cooking it we’re now butane ting it we’re now solvent extracting it so that’s CBD but if they were to get into something like this which is hemp in all CF which is just the cannabis raw from the from from co2 extraction just then you’re gonna have no problems you know what happened with me more creativity more intelligence more writing books more lectures more seminars it’s did something to my brain really like it regenerated me or something did you use it because you thought as an expert you needed to know or just because I was writing the book painting or okay and I have a pain but just the fact that the book I wanted to try it out myself and it really revolutionized my my thinking really and that’s known there’s a substance in there called BCP and it helps the interchange of the neurons you should try it I should leave it with you that in new neurons and repairing damaged neurons so for it yes anxiety depression irritability yes it’s great that epilepsy arthritis too but the one they have one with oregano and it’s 50 times more powerful for the arthritis because oregano is like morphine so I brought this to show what if somebody gets a lung injury they should take the oregano COPD you want a little COPD or emphysema keep vaping you know with the synthetics but something like this for long for bronchial you should try it so you don’t get colds and flu you can take it preventively the p73 20 seconds left what would you say there are parents watching they know the kids are vaping what’s your message they should get them off the synthetics and get him off the hobby of smoking if they want to experience the hemp they should take an extract a clean extract like the hemp and all and they should try to get them into the oregano oil for their lung health don’t smoke anything that is synthetic for joining us lucky to have you here this national expert happens to be in Seattle well thanks for joining us here on stay well Kaz Ingram calms the website

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